Sunday, January 4, 2015


I can't believe it's already 2015!!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break with your families.  I know we had a great time and really cashed in on some lazy pajama down days.  My kids are going to be in for a shock tomorrow when the alarms start beeping!

I'm running a special for the month of January and it is as follows ~

2014 Gallery Downloads ~ $200
2013 Gallery Downloads ~ $175
2012 Gallery Downloads ~ $150

These must be ordered and purchased thru me, not online.  

(((((AND ON TO SPRING)))))))

It is time to start scheduling for the new year.  I have already heard from some who are wanting to book plan sessions and regular sessions for the new year.  If you have a session you need to get on the calendar, please email me soon.  I will be doing a few spring mini sessions in the Ridgeland area this year and also in the Desoto/Memphis area.  The dates/locations/times are as follows ~ I've planned new locations with springy airy feels to them.  They will be perfect for children and families.  If you are interested in a spot, let me know soon.  I will not offer as many as I did in the fall and times will fill up quickly.  They will cost $65 and include a $25 credit on orders place by April 15th.

I'm also working on beach dates!  yay!  I do plan on being in 30A area the week of Memorial Day so if you will be there then and want a session, let me know!  I will have more specific info on dates soon.

TEXT ~ 601-260-5069

March 7th (Ridgeland, MS ~ Dinsmor)

8:00 M. Garrott
9:00 R. Thomas
9:20 M. Lindsey
9:40 E. Mathews
10:00 D. McCarthy
10:20 L. Mrowczynski

2:00 T. Mack
2:20 M. Tharp
2:40 A. Tincher
3:20 L. Graeber
4:00 T. Barbour

March 22nd ~ (Ridgeland, MS ~ Renaissance)

8:00 P. Ware
8:20 N. Cruz
8:40 H. Gill
9:00 K. Davis
9:20 M. Dugan
9:40 A. McRae
10:00 L. Boyd
10:20 A. Runnels
10:40 G. Arinder
11:00 J. Douglas
11:20 A. Covault

Dinsmor ~ (Regular sessions ONLY)

2:00 L. Estridge
3:00 M. Baquie
4:00 K. Knight

March 28th ~ (Memphis, TN ~ Overton Park)

9:00 J. Pressgrove
10:00 M. Pure
10:20 M. Mitchell

2:00 C. Bartliff
2:20 A. Wright
4:00 P. Ostrow

((((((((((AT THE BEACH))))))))))))

Location - 30A area (Rosemary, Seacrest, Seagrove, Seaside, Grayton)

May 28th -  A. Miller (sunset session)

May 29th - R. Thomas (sunset session)

May 30th - R. Johnson (sunset session)

May 31st -

June 1st - B. Hewett (sunset session)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just to keep everyone updated.................

I am so close to being completely caught up on editing.  It's a wonderful feeling!  I'm going to be out of town for a long weekend so if I for some reason do not get you up before tomorrow, you will be up on Monday.  I will also be starting the card assembly process on Monday.  I will go in the order that I receive requests.  I will also let you know when your sample is up so that we can finalize your order but I do not foresee it taking longer than a week to get all cards done and okayed.  Remember that I need all requests for cards in by November 17th. 

I have added a package buying feature online!!  I'm so excited!  This is a great way to save on packages for you and family and friends for the holidays.  Remember if you had a mini session with me, you have a special discount that will expire on November 30th.  There is no exception to this!

If you want to use one of your pictures in a card but do not want to wait on me to "get it together" please take advantage of my digital options in the post below.

As always, text or message or email me with any questions!  Just remember that this weekend I will be enjoying the windy city with my family and will be away from my computer. 

Thanks so much for the business and patience and love this holiday season!!!!!!  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Card Pricing ~

All Cards this year will be the paper cards printed on front/back textured paper.  All cards come in sets of 25, there is not a different option for this.  The more cards you order, the less each card costs.  When making your selection, please pick no more than two cards for me to make samples for you.  Each card takes a lot of time and if I think another card might work better or look better with your pictures, I will let you know.  If you chose two and I think one is much better than the other, I will create it first before doing both options.  If you aren't sure, just ask me and I will pick for you.  :)  Some things on the cards can be changed but some things CAN NOT.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your card.  If you just can not find something that I offer that you love, you may want to consider one of my digital options below and you can then create your own card using a different card site such as Tiny Prints or Minted.


25 paper cards ~ $50
50 paper cards ~ $90
75 paper cards ~ $130
100 paper cards ~ $170
125 paper cards ~ $210
150 paper cards ~ $240


1 file ~ $50
2 files ~ $75
3 files ~ $100
4 files ~ $125

The full gallery ~ $275

Please remember that if you order by November 30th you can apply your mini session discount.  This is for mini session customers only. 

2014 Card Designs


Friday, October 24, 2014

Jackson Area Minis!!!! This weekend..............

OK tomorrow morning I will be in Canton on the square.  Please meet me near the Subway restaurant on the square.  Tomorrow afternoon, I will be at the Natchez Trace welcome center (the OLD craft cabin).  IF you are not familiar with that area, it's best to take either Rice Road or Hwy 51 in Ridgeland and you will see the brown signs for the Natchez Trace - follow those or text me at 601-260-5069.  Sunday, I will be at the Trace all day.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the blog schedule to verify your time and make sure I have everything correct.  I do make mistakes sometimes!! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sessions this weekend (Oct 10th, 11th, 12th)

Today we will be at the Fair in Jackson.  I will be near the trade mart so park there and look for me there.  I like to use the food booths and game booths as back drops.  If your name is NOT on my list below but you signed up and paid for a session, please text me and let me know!  Sometimes I miss putting people down and I don't want to miss YOU.

Tomorrow morning I will be in Canton shooting several regular sessions on the square.  Look for me near the Subway restaurant before noon and after noon, look for me near la di da's.  As always, text or call me at 601-260-5069 if you have any trouble!  Sunday, I will be in Tunica doing some regular sessions as well. 

Finally, next weekend's minis in DeSoto are going to be at the Merry Christmas Tree Farm off Getwell Road.  Very excited about this location!  I will have more info this week.  I've had a lot of people message me this week about Christmas sessions and right now I am basically just slammed.  I am considering doing some the week of Thanksgiving - like that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday before.  If you are still in need of a Holiday sitting, please email me at  I will see what I can do for you!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Official Fall Post......

Mini session details ~

Cost ~ $65
Includes ~ 20min session (NO OUTFIT CHANGES) and a $25 discount on orders of $100 or more placed no later than November 15th, 2014
Ideal for ~ families (no extended family members, please), children/siblings, babies that can sit up unattended, Christmas/holiday card pics/gifts.

SUNDAY August 17th in Hernando, MS (on the square)

10:00 J. Vickers
1:00 K. Gunther
4:00 L. Burns
4:20 A. Lucovich
6:00 L. Shields

SUNDAY August 31st in Canton on the square (please note this is Labor Day weekend)

1:00 S. Sandridge
1:20 T. Martindale
1:40 L. Carter

September 27th Canton

8:40 P. Cooper
9:00 C. Peters
9:30 K Clay
10:30 S. Williams
11:30 J. Skipper
2:30 L. Estridge

FRIDAY October 10th ~ MS State Fair ($75 for a 30 min mini ~ you pay your own fair admission)

12:30J. Norsworthy
1:00 A. Miller
2:00 M. Dennis
2:30 J. Curtis
3:00 C. Largilliere

FRIDAY October 17th ~ Oxford, MS

9:00 J. Addy
10:00 K. Rosson
11:00 J. Gaines

Sunday October 19th ~ Memphis/DeSoto Area ~ location TBD

9:00 C. Bartliff
1:00 J. Kitkowski
1:20 J. Umsted
1:40 A. Robertson
2:00 E. Robertson
2:20 N. Courson
2:40 L. Shields
3:00C. Lipscomb
3:20 B. Joel
3:40 H. Murphy
4:00 D. Kessing
4:30 A. White

Saturday October 25th ~ Canton, MS

9:00 K. Dilback
9:20 A. Tyrone
9:40 B. Strong
10:00 E. Gilstrap
10:20 P. Cromwell

Saturday October 25th ~ Natchez Trace, Ridgeland, MS

3:00 B. Purvis
3:20 K.Pierce
3:40 L. Mason
4:00 L. Pletcher
4:20 C. Scott

Sunday October 26th ~ Natchez Trace, Ridgeland, MS

8:20 A. Nicols
8:40 M. Taylor
9:00 J. Nicols
9:20 P. Rackley
9:40 J. Templeton
10:00V. Needham
10:20 K. Neal
10:40 B. Hewett
1:00 A. Runnels
1:20 A. Runnels
1:40 C. Runnels
2:00 M. Markow
2:20 B. Wineman
2:40 J. Winders
3:00 A. Miller
3:20 A. Thornhill
3:40 K. Davis
4:00 E. Weeks

Sunday November 2nd ~ Natchez Trace

9:00 D. Purnell
9:20 D. Purnell
9:40 D. Word
10:00 A. Young
10:20 S. Helms
10:40 S. Helms
11:00 M. Easley
11:20 A. Wadlington
11:40 E. Tanner

Sunday November 2nd ~ Canton

 1:20 L. Walker
2:20 B. Sims
2:40 A. Champagne
3:00 J. THomas
3:20 E. Monaghan
3:40 A. Miller
4:00 T. Breland

Sunday November 9th ~ Makeup Day

8:40 M. Rains
9:00 J. Garner (DeSoto)
9:20 J. Kitkowski (DeSoto)
9:40 Julie Umsted
10:00 R.Warmath (DeSoto)
3:00 K. Knight (Jackson area)
4:00 K. Smith

Email/text/FB message me to book your slot and please share with your friends!!