Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Proofs

Easter proofing is finally starting to go smoothly and I was able to get a lot of galleries up today.  I should be close to finishing tomorrow and whoever is not up tomorrow should be up by the end of the weekend.  Remember that if you order online, you can use the coupon EASTER25 to apply your $25 off credit for orders over $100.  If you'd rather me do it, again, just email me like always.  I've had a lot of regular sessions this week and a few newborns so it's been hectic to say the least!!!  If you are looking to book a spring session with me ~ ESPECIALLY in the Jackson area, please contact me ASAP.  I have one day that I know I'll be there and I will have very limited availability.  I will be there more starting in June.

Remember to place your Easter orders by April 20th {EASTER DAY} in order to use your mini credit.  Thanks so much guys!!! 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Southaven Makeups, Easter Proofs and online ordering {{{SALE}}}

SUNDAY AT CHARLESTON ROWE IN HERNANDO ~  put Ferguson Road in your GPS and you will find me.

1:20 L. Jones
1:40 M. Kimbell
2:00 A. Meyers
2:20 S. Bibb
3:00 S. Brown
3:20 L. Bloodworth
3:40 A. Guess
4:00 F. Boyd
4:20 B. Bailey

The schedule above was copy and pasted from the March weekend that was rained out.  IF this is NOT right and you needed a different time please just email me. 

EASTER PROOF GALLERIES - I'm working as fast as I can on them.  I am done with Friday's sessions and moving on to Saturday's.  Be on the lookout for a link from me.  Your Easter galleries will be setup for online ordering.  Remember to order by the 20th to get your $25 mini credit (EASTER2014).  Today is the last day to use the SPRING15 code.  When ordering online, you can only use ONE code.

Let me know if you have any problems and ALSO, summer mini sessions - I am trying to come up with something fun to do in June.  If you have ideas, please share!!!!  Thanks!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter mini galleries....

Easter galleries are starting to go up!  They will all be shopping cart enabled.  To get your $25 print credit use the coupon code EASTER2014.  Code is only good on orders of $100 or more.  This code will expire on April 20th.  If your gallery goes up late for some reason, your coupon code will be extended a few days.  Let me know if you guys have ANY problems!!!! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I am so happy to announce that I will have the option to place orders directly from my website now.  This will make things so much easier for you and me!!   I am still somewhat in testing mode for the new method so please be patient while I work out the kinks.  From now on, all NEW galleries will have the option to do online ordering ~ old galleries will, too, but they may not be activated yet.  If you want to continue emailing me with your order, that is fine, too.  Prints will be sent directly to you and you can also purchase digital images or galleries online as well.

As a promotion to test this out and see how it all works I am offering a coupon code that will be good until April 8th on the website.  If you would like to use the coupon code on an old gallery and the shopping function has not been turned on yet, just message me or email me and I"ll go in and do that for you on the gallery you want to order pictures from.  I would LOVE to see how you guys like the new system and to get feedback. 

SPRING15 is the coupon code and is good for 15% off your order ~ there is NO minimum order requirement!!! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014



I told you guys that I would post directions tonight.  I had originally thought that we would do them at the Lake Caroline nature area/playground, but have decided instead to do them on my parents' lake lot (still in Lake Caroline).

Use this address for your GPS ~ 103 Savannah Bend, Madison, MS

From Stribling Road ~

Take the Camden Crossing entrance (not Caroline Blvd) ~ DO NOT TAKE GARY STREET.  This is wrong on GPS.

Camden Crossing to Caroline Crossing (you will take a right onto Caroline Crossing)

Go thru 2 stop signs and then take a left on Hampton Crossing (this road goes by nature area/walking trail/playground)

Go around and turn/veer/curve right onto Caroline Blvd.

Take a left onto Lake Ridge.

Take a right onto Savannah Bend.  You will see two empty lots on your right (just past a two story home).  I will be there with everything set up.  Please pull in on the gravel drive but do NOT PARK THERE.  Park on the grass in the lot.  The gravel drive is a neighbor's and I do not want to block their driveway during mini sessions.

My CELL 601-260-5069

I will still be watching the weather and checking ground conditions.  If it's too wet, I'll post to FB and here and we will go to the yellow clubhouse.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mini location and other information.....

Location for minis in Madison this weekend will be out at Lake Caroline.  I will be at the nature walk/playground area that is near the Hamptons.  I will post specific directions HERE on Thursday.  Please check back for that info.  If it rains ~ and it looks like it may on Friday ~ we will move the sessions over to the yellow clubhouse (near the Mermaid Cafe) and use the covered porch there.  I will put updates here and on Facebook as the day progresses but please feel free to text me on Friday if you want a quick answer.  Remember that there are NO outfit changes during mini sessions and that if you are late for the session, your session is cut short so please try to be early.  If you are early please give the person ahead of you space and do not come "watch" or "help" them in any way.  I will signal to you when it is time for you to get started.  It generally takes me about 10-15 minutes to get what I need so there is a little extra time worked in for getting settled, saying hi and making the transition. 

Let me know if you have any questions and look for the directions on Thursday.  I need to make sure I have all the street names correct.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunday's Desoto Minis....

The sessions will be at Charleston Rowe in Hernando.   It is off 51 in Hernando.  If you put Ferguson Road on your GPS, you will find it.  Text me if you need more specific directions.

Also, the setup will have springy colors, but I will also have a set up area with more neutrals so if your outfits clash or don't match exactly, we will have an option. 

REMEMBER~~  THIS IS ALL VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!  These are MINI sessions and last JUST 20 minutes.  Your session starts promptly at the time you are assigned to.  If you arrive late, your session will be shorter, if you arrive 20 minutes late, you will not get a session at all.  I will NOT force another child/children/family to wait because of other clients.  ALSO, remember if you get there early, it is quite acceptable to get out of your car and gather your children/things, fix hair, put clothes on them, etc. but remember that if another session is in progress, please keep your children back and do not "hover" while the family ahead of you is having their pictures made.  It is very distracting for me and the other kids.  IF your child has a hard time during the session, it is best to back off a bit and let me talk to him/her/them.  And, while I know extended family members are sometimes needed to come along to corral kids or help with babies, if at all possible, please try not to bring a huge crowd along with you to "watch" the session.  Again, it's very distracting.  There are absolutely NO outfit changes at mini sessions.  There is not enough time.  Sorry for all the rules, I just want for things to run smoothly and for you guys to get great pics!!!

MAKEUP DATE for Sunday, March 23rd will be April 13th.  Please watch the weather and I will let you know if we need to make up.